Even with adverse credit you can still lease a car in the UK

Even with adverse credit you can still lease a car in the UK

Making a new car purchase is usually the second biggest item that you will ever buy after a house so it’s highly important to make sure that you get it right. The first factor to be considered is how the car or van will be funded as the majority of people these days will either have insufficient funds to pay case or simply prefer to avoid such a huge outlay. The main methods to consider are usually Car Finance, Car Leasing or a Loan from somewhere such as a high street bank for example.If you have been refused finance before or know you have a poor rating then you can also consider a specialist Bad Credit Car Leasing company. The next question to ask yourself is whether you want to own a brand new car or don’t mind a vehicle that is either preowned or an ex demonstrator. It is always possible to make a brand new vehicle purchase as a reduced price to what is recommended and depending on where you go the amount it is reduced by can be considerable. Fleet rate discounts are now available from many specialist new car retailers who simply pass on their savings to the customer – for a small fee built into the price. On the flip side it is also possible to hunt out pre owned bargains that have maybe been registered by the selling dealer and that they have been unable to sell. Often car manufacturers put pressure on their retailers to sell a certain number of units per model in return for a bonus and so if they are close to hitting such a target you will find they just register the car for themselves. One they have kept the car for the usual 3 months period they will look to get it off the balance sheet as quick as possible in order to maintain profits. This can mean that you can sometimes purchase a new vehicle with only one or two thousand miles on the clock at a price that is very close to the trade price. When you have found your new motor all is then left to do is pay for it and then drive away. With a bad credit car finance plan you will provide the details to the finance company and they will give you the monthly price over a set period. This can often be the most cost effective way to own a vehicle and it will mean that the cheaper you buy the car for the lower the monthly amount will be. A car lease will apply to any purchase that allows VAT to be reclaimed so it cannot have already been sold to an individual as opposed a Business. If it fits then the lender will offer a monthly rental based upon the calculated depreciation it will be expected to suffer in the period you will use it – that’s it. With a car lease you only have to pay for the period in which you drive the motor. This leaves just a car loan and if you can get approved for the right amount you need then this is the best way as it will mean that you have no deposit. Interest rates compare with car finance but its best to check as sometimes even though you pay a deposit – the amount repaid is actually lower.